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Adrenal Questionnaire

Compare your score with the charts below once finished !

**I Do not own the rights to this test. This testing method was designed by James L. Wilson, N.D, D.D, Ph.D.**

Results and what your score means...

Under 40: No Adrenal Fatigue

41-87:       Mild Fatigue

88-130:     Adrenal Fatigue

131+:        Severe Adrenal Fatigue

Now it depends on what score you recieved! But if you scored on any of the charts with Fatigue its time to start making some changes ASAP!

Something easy to start with is try meditating, cutting sugary drinks, be aware of situations that may cause you stress, or learn how to cope better with those situations if you cant leave them.

However if you really do suffer from Adrenal Fatigue I would highly recommend doing my 28 day Mindset/Wellness program. It will help lower stress, lose weight, improve energy, and also it goes more in depth in adrenal fatigue tests. Including some physical tests you can do on yourself to see how its effecting your body. And a more detailed look on how to reverse Adrenal fatigue in 28 days!

If you are interested in taking control of your life and feeling the best you can, leave a message below!

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